Academic Calendar

Kenosha Conservatory of Music / 2018 – Calendar

All private lessons and classes are scheduled weekly with the exception of the following dates. Please note – Music go Round does not follow this calendar. Please contact us for more information.

The Kenosha Conservatory of Music will be closed:

Spring Break (Saturday March 31st – Friday April 6th)

Memorial Day (Saturday May 26th – Friday June 1st)

4th of July (Saturday June 30th – Friday July 6th)

Labor Day (Saturday September 1st – Friday September 7th)

Thanksgiving (Sunday November 18th – Saturday November 24th)

Winter Break (Sunday December 23rd – Friday January 4th)

Please note: We are in lessons up to seven days a week. Our academic calendar may vary between Saturdays and Sundays depending on where the actual holiday falls.